The EDEK Socialist party: Although it had functioned as a movement since Cyprus' independence in 1960, EDEK was not formed as a political party until 1969. The name EDEK is an acronym for Eniea Demokratiki Enosis Kyprou or Democratic Union of Cyprus. Following a party Congress decision, the title was changed to the Cyprus Socialist Party with the name EDEK being retained. It is led by Dr. Vassos Lyssarides.

He was President of the House of Representatives from 1985 until 1991. EDEK gained 10.8% of the votes in the 1991 House of Representatives elections and seven seats.

LEADER: Vassos Lyssarides

Born in the village of Lefkara, Larnaca district on 30 April, 1920.

Studied medicine at Athens University.

1960 - Elected Member of the House of Representatives.

1969 - Founder member and President of the EDEK Socialist Party.

1974 - Escaped death after an attempt on his life (August,1974)

1986-91 President of the House of Representatives

Married, no children.

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