The 18th Congress of AKEL, that took place from the 16th to the 19th of November, 1995, in Nicosia, addresses to you a warm militant greeting. The modernisation of the Party and its renewed militancy characterized the Congress. A characteristic feature of the Congress was also the manyfold and deep search which encompassed all fields of political, economic, social development and conditions.

The 18th Congress of our Party considers that the struggle to find a just and viable solution which will secure the sovereignty and independence of Cyprus conflicts with the intransigence of the Turkish Cypriot leadership and of Ankara. This intransigence is intensified also by the stand of Ankara's powerful allies, who do not exert effective pressure regarding the implementation of the principles of international law, but, moreover, they tolerate it not to say that they even encourage it.

However, serious difficulties and obstacles also stem from the resurfacing and expansion of nationalism on both sides, the reemergence of the support for and propaganda in favour of "enosis" (union with Greece), the spreading of illusions about the feasibility of a military alternative, the degrading and weakening of the role of the National Council, the often thoughtless statements and actions made by ruling circles, and others that certainly influence the continuation of the deadlock and that also harbour serious dangers for the course of the Cyprus problem.

The 18th Congress of AKEL expresses its deep concern about the situation, which the Clerides government has created, with its concrete actions on the internal front. By the violation of democratic institutions, the attempt to limit the citizens' constitutional rights and freedoms, the intense effort to justify the coupists and Grivas (leader of the terrorist organization EOKA B'), the uncontrollable favouritism to fix the government coalition supporters in jobs, and the encouragement of big capital in its attack on the gains and living standards of the working people, a dangerous weakening of the internal front and of the militant aspiration and desire of the people is being created.

Disappointment and discontent as a result of the behaviour of the governing circles are evident amongst broader strata of our people, that turn for hope to the democratic forces of the country. The evaluation of the Congress is that our country needs another policy throug a government which will be based on a broad gathering of the democratic, progressive opposition forces.

A government with steadiness and consistency in seeking a solution based on the UN resolutions and the unanimous decisions of the National Council. A pro-popular government, with a vision and programme, which will strengthen unity and cohesion in our internal front and which will renew hope for a better future for our people.
AKEL, from its position as the main opposition force, is aware of its responsibility and will work tirelessly in this direction.

In the forthcoming parliamentary elections, AKEL in going to wage the electoral struggle with an even broader list, that is going to reflect the consistency to principles and responsibility of AKEL -which is well known to all - combined with the new spirit, renewal and modernisation.

We are sure, dear compatriots, as in the past and so today you will honour the party of the working people and you will give it all the necessary power so that it will be even more stronger powerful and able to resolutely carry out its role.

The Progressive Party of the Working People which will celebrate in the coming year 70 years of honourable, proud and consistent militant struggles for the benefit of the country, from the official forum of its 18th Congress, sends to the whole of the Cypriot people a message of continuous struggle and optimism and renews its promise and contract with the people "to give again hope".


At the Threshold of the 21th century, from the forum of the 18th Congress, AKEL sends a message of solidarity and common action to the peoples of the whole world, in the struggle for a better future based on the universal values of peace, justice and equality.

The international order, as it was formed after the Second World War, has been overturned after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the socialist community in Europe. However, the brittle cold war balance which existed has not been replaced by truly new, just and democratic international relations as has been loudly declared, but, quite the contrary, the so-called "new world order" was very soon proved in practice to be a complete disorder and a self-interested attempt to impose the right of the powerful.

Unipolarism and the rule of the USA and its allies has not secured the respect of the principles of International Law, but, what's more, these principles all the more adapt themselves to the self-interested economic and political interests of these powers irrespective of the fact that the price for this is war and catastrophe.

Attempts are also being made to take over control of international bodies such as the UN Security Council and to use them in opposition to the aims which they were initially formed to serve.

The cold war may have ended, but the contradictions and the North-South gap is widening, hunger and destitution in vast areas of the planet remain, nationalism and religious fanaticism are spreading and in the heart of Europe, the Balkans, are threatened by the breaking of a war on an immense scale with the tolerance andencouragement of imperialist forces.

The message which the delegates to the 18th Congress of AKEL extend to all of the peoples of the world is a message for the strengthening of international solidarity, a message of resistance to every effort to return international relations to the "gun-boat" policy.

The left and progressive forces by strengthening their unity in action have a duty to support with a new urge the revitalizing of internationalist solidarity, give priority to the just and peaceful solution to regional conflicts, the economic development of poor countries and their liberation from dependence, the tackling of hunger anddestitution and the protection of our planet from ecological catastrophe.

The 18th Congress expresses the solidarity of our Party to the people fighting for peace, independence, democracy, for their human rights and for a just and happyfuture. We express our solidarity to the peoples of Eastern Europe and we wish that their struggles would have a successful end,the overcoming of the particularlydifficult conditions they face today. Especially, we express our full-hearted solidarity to the neighbouring Palestinian people and we wish that it attains its own state, peace and prosperity. We express full solidarity with the peoples of former Yugoslavia and we hope that the fratricidal conflict, which was instigated by the imperialist forces be terminated and that a peaceful, just solution to their differences be found. We greet the victory of the people of South Africa and we wish them every success in the difficult road to complete the non-racist society.

We join our voices with those of the international community, expressing our full support to the people and government of Cuba and we demand the immediate ending of the inhuman US embargo.

We condemn the French nuclear tests, which pollute the environment, put into danger the health of the people in the region and open the road for a new round of competition in nuclear arms which will put life on our planet in danger. We demand the immediate termination of the French nuclear tests and the complete banning of every nuclear test as a step towards nuclear disarmament.

>From the forum of the 18th Congress the members and cadres of AKEL express their deep conviction that the universal and timeless values of Peace and Democracy, as well as, the need to implement the rules of International Law are gaining all the more ground and that they shall prevail in the end.

No retreat from these principles can be lasting, no matter how powerful those that seek this retreat are.

AKEL greets the international reformation of the forces of progress and reaffirms its intention to contribute with all its forces to the struggle for a world of Peace, Democracy, Freedom and Social Progress.